Representation of cast steel grades for German, Russian, American and British standard valves (2)

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Representation of cast steel grades for German, Russian, American and British standard valves (2)

High alloy cast steel is represented by two sets of numbers and one letter: three digits in front of it, which is similar to that of American Iron and Steel Institute (AISD)

The number of stainless steel casting is corresponding with the letter C in the middle, which indicates that it is the cast steel grade; the two digit number is the number after it. as


Bs1504 is pressure bearing steel casting, in which carbon steel casting is a group (bs1504-161) with three digits, i.e

Tensile strength (480 MPa). Low and medium alloy steels can be divided into 8 kinds according to their compositions.

Grade of high alloy steel and bs3100

5. Japan (JIS)

The grades of general carbon cast steel are expressed by strength (jisg5101-1978), and SC is followed by two digits to indicate the minimum resistance

Tensile strength (kgf / mm2), such as sc46. In terms of chemical composition, only P, s should be less than 0,04%, the rest elements

The content is not limited

The grade of steel castings for welding structure (jisg5102-1978) is also indicated by strength, but a letter W is added after SC

For welding, such as scw56. In terms of chemical composition, it has the performance of removal.

P. In addition, the upper limit of carbon content and carbon equivalent is also specified to ensure welding

High strength carbon steel and low alloy steel for structure are classified according to alloy elements and their grades are indicated (jisg5111-1978). carbon steel

SC, followed by a classification number, such as SC low manganese steel, SCM, followed by a classification number, such as scmm2. Manganese chromium group steel is

Scmncrm, followed by a classification number

For cast stainless steel, the letter S is added after SC, and then 1-2 digits are used to indicate its number, such as scs24. Epiphora

For heat-resistant cast steel, the letter H is added after SC, followed by 1-2 digit sequence number.

For cast steel of pressure vessel used at high temperature, pH is added after SC and sequence number is added afterwards

For pressure vessel cast steel used at low temperature, PL is added after SC, followed by sequence number.

6. The former Soviet Union (i

Up to now, the Soviet Union still uses the content of main elements to indicate the grade of cast steel and adds the letter 4

The grade of carbon steel is two digits (nominal carbon content per ten thousand, add later, such as 30 Ⅱ.

For both low-alloy steel and high-alloy steel, after the above figure indicating carbon content, the

A number of symbols and their nominal percentages. When the nominal content of alloy elements is 1%, only the element symbol is noted, not the content,

Last but not least

Circle of (g)

For cast steel used at low temperature, a letter C shall be added after the letter "Jiang" in the later grade, such as 35xm positive C °)

The chemical composition of each brand is determined by the foundry itself, and the standard is not restricted.

(2) Chinese standards

The standard gb5676-85 for cast carbon steel for general engineering was formulated in 198 referring to 1So standard. In 197, again

On this basis, the standard of cast carbon steel parts for general engineering purposes (GB 15289) is formulated

The chemical fraction of the number of Tongzheng Lian with water function in the 0 quasi of M

2) Mechanical properties (see table 4-3)

(3) American Standard

The chemical composition and mechanical properties of carbon steel castings for general engineering (ANSI / ASTM a27-83) are shown in

Table 4-4 and table 4-5. ASTM is the code name of the American Society for testing and materials, indicating that the standard is formulated by the society.

ANSI is the code name of American National Standards Institute, which indicates that this standard has been adopted as American national standard.

(4) German standard

The standard din1681 of the Federal Republic of Germany on cast steel for general engineering only specifies mechanical properties and magnetic properties (see table 4-6), except that

When there are special requirements, the chemical composition is not limited except those agreed upon.


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