Indication method of cast steel valve material grade in China

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Indication method of cast steel valve material grade in China

According to gb5613-85, the grades of cast steel valves in China are indicated by "ZG" in front of various cast steel grades

To denote cast steel.

1) Cast carbon steel and high strength steel for general engineering and structure based on mechanical properties shall be added after ZG

There are two groups of numbers. The first group of numbers represents the yield strength of the cast steel, and the second group represents the tensile strength. Two sets of numbers

The space is separated by one. For example: zg200-400 uses the

It's a

If the tensile strength (MP2) is set to (M0), then

- yield strength (MPA) 2) circle, S

Chong of cast steel code Zuo Jinming

2) For cast carbon steel with chemical composition as main acceptance basis, ZG is followed by a group of numbers to indicate its name

The amount of carbon in ten thousand tones, for example, 2g259 row and one

It's a surrogate

The nominal carbon content (i.e. the nominal carbon content is 0.25%) in the United States


Cast steel code award a

3) Cast alloy steels include cast medium, low alloy and high alloy steels based on chemical composition

The method is to use a group of numbers after ZG to indicate the nominal carbon content of cast steel. After the number of nominal carbon content, the main components are listed

For alloy element symbols, each element symbol is followed by an integer to indicate its nominal percentage content. One

When the average content of manganese is less than 0.9%, there is no element symbol in the brand; when the average content is 0.9% 1.4%

Only mark the symbol, not the content. Sag

A third parent will be added. Zero

When the average content of other alloy elements is 0.9% ~ 1.4%, the number 1 shall be marked after the symbol of the element..

If the average content of aluminum is less than 0.15% and the average content of other elements is less than 0.5%, the symbol of element is not marked in the brand;

When the average content of other elements is more than 0.15% and less than 0.9%, the average content of other elements is greater than 0.5% and less than 0.9%

Mark only the element symbol in the brand, and do not mark the content rate M, get 0-a

When the average content of Nb, B, N, re and other trace alloy elements is less than 0.5%, only the element symbol is marked, not the content.

When there are more than three main alloy elements, only the nominal contents of the first two or three elements can be marked. For example:


Symbol of (V < 0.9%)

Nominal percentage content of

Wa-wa capacity

Element symbol of molybdenum

Nominal percentage of chromium

Element symbol of chromium

Special 84

Nominal 10000 carbon content


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