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After all, there have been rumors that the first batch of iPhone X was very small in supply, and considering the anticipation boom it had set off before the pre-purchase, the result is still predictable.

The iPhone X is Apple's flagship new device launched in 2017. Its larger feature is the 5.8-inch OLED full screen and the original depth camera supporting face recognition. In addition to a large number of new technology applications, it is not surprising that it is so popular with everyone.

Compared with the iPhone, every iPhone box is full of topics, and so is this one. Xiaobian believes that everyone in the industry must be very interested in this "explosive" packaging box.

Apple's iPhone X Packing Box Returns to Printing

In the exposed photos of the iPhone X packaging box, we can see that the packaging of the iPhone X has changed the pattern design of previous generations, using the front of the fuselage as the pattern of the mobile phone packaging box. After all, the focus of the change of the mobile phone is on this special-shaped screen.

Looking back on the evolution of the packaging of the iPhone is a painful process that makes the printing industry step by step alarmed. In this process, the Apple design team constantly simplifies the printing of Apple mobile phone packaging boxes. By the time Apple's iPhone 6 arrives, its packaging boxes are even more concise to the point of bare running. It not only spares ink like gold, but also uses concave and convex effect directly to achieve ink-free printing.


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