Classification of cast steel valves

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Classification of cast steel valves

Cast steel valves can be classified into carbon steel and alloy steel according to their chemical composition. It can also be divided into engineering and structure according to their use characteristics

Structural steel, alloy steel, special steel, tool steel and professional steel, etc. See table 3-1 for classification of cast steel. Than.

Table 3-1 classification of cast steel

According to casting

Low carbon steel (C ≤ 0. 25%)


Medium carbon steel (C: 0,25% ~ 0.60%

Chemical carbon steel

High carbon steel (C: 0.60% ~ 2.00%) is cast

Low alloy steel (total alloy elements ≤ 5%)

Development of medium alloy steel (5% ~ 10% of total alloy elements)((

Alloy steel

High alloy steel (total alloy elements > 10%) deep

Engineering and structure

Long carbon structural steel

Cast steel is used

Alloy structural steel

Made of stainless steel

Heat resistant steel

For wear resistant steel

special steel

Gold changqite casting of nickel base alloy

Tool steel

Die steel

Professional casting steel

According to the international standard iso4948 / 1, steel can be classified into non alloy steel and alloy steel according to chemical composition. And in ISO 4948/

It is also stipulated in 2 that non alloy steel and alloy steel are classified according to the main quality grade, main performance and service characteristics. China's "division of steel"

It is equivalent to the classification method of ISO international standard, which can be divided into non alloy steel and alloy according to chemical composition

Steel; non alloy steel and alloy steel can be classified according to the main quality grade and main characteristics.

The classification of cast steel has not formed formal national and international standards. This manual is based on the characteristics of cast steel classification and reference steel

The classification standards are mainly introduced in five chapters, reflecting the classification method according to chemical composition and main characteristics.

Cast carbon steel and high strength steel for general engineering and structure

Cast medium and low alloy steel

Cast stainless steel and heat resistant steel

Cast wear resistant steel

Casting special steel and professional steel


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