Prospect of cast steel industrial valves

Issuing time:2020-10-29 20:48

Prospect of cast steel industrial valves

After the Second World War, the steel casting industry valve in all aspects of considerable development, these developments are still continuing.

However, it should also be noted that since the mid-1970s, the total output of steel castings in industrial developed countries has decreased by 30%

40%。 After the mid-1980s, some countries have recovered slightly, but we can not foresee a big change in the near future.

The main reason for this is that technological progress has led to the change of industrial structure.

As far as the industrial developed countries are concerned, the stage of rapid growth of basic industries has passed, and the current focus is on the development of high-tech industries

Industry. This situation is bound to change the industrial structure that has been formed in the past. At present, the production capacity of the iron and steel industry has far exceeded

At that time, the steel production in 1968 was expected to reach 180 million tons, for example, the steel demand in the United States was expected to reach 180 million tons~

In fact, the steel output in 1987 was only 82 million tons. In this case, the iron and steel industry and its related

The mining industry and the metal processing industry are under started, and of course, infrastructure construction has also dropped sharply. As can be seen from the previous section, these industries are all

In the industry where steel castings are widely used, it will inevitably lead to the poor sales and production of steel castings.

Of course, there are some other reasons, such as:

As the application of low alloy high strength cast steel is expanded, the weight of casting will be reduced;

The improvement of the quality and reliability of ductile iron castings and the growth of light alloy castings, especially aluminum alloy castings, have replaced

Some steel castings

Forming processes such as forging, press working and welding enhance competitiveness

The rapid development of engineering plastics has replaced some castings

Energy and environmental constraints.

All these are not the main reasons for the depression of the cast steel industry, but they are also the reality that we must face up to


The general trend of industrial structure change is irreversible, but, for example, the cast steel industry is committed to continuously improving the technical level and improving

Good product quality will enhance the competitiveness, so as to develop on the current basis. Otherwise, due to the above factors

The influence of cast steel valve industry still has the possibility of further decline.

The situation in China is quite different from that in developed countries, and the situation faced by cast steel industry is also quite different. At present, I

China is in the preparation stage of large-scale economic construction, and the vast northwest and southwest areas are yet to be developed, including energy, mining and metallurgy

The construction of such basic industries as gold and transportation should not be slowed down, but should be vigorously strengthened. Therefore, China's cast steel industry must

We must have great development to meet the requirements of economic construction, and the prospect is very good.

However, we should also be soberly aware that it is impossible to develop our own cast steel industry with the door closed after the implementation of the opening up policy.

We should learn from the advanced technology of the developed industrial countries, and the external situation will certainly have an impact on us. It's time to lose

Only by laying a good foundation for the cast steel industry and enhancing its competitiveness in quality, technology and efficiency, can it stand up to the outside world

The impact of the world will not lead to difficulties.


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